Truffle Wine Dinner at Jekyll Island Club Hotel {Jekyll Island, GA}

Photo Aug 23, 5 45 38 AM

As a part of the trip to Jekyll Island, Kiwi and I had an opportunity to attend a charity dinner at the Jekyll Island Club. The Truffle Wine Dinner was hosted by the Golden Isles of Georgia American Culinary Federation and it benefitted the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Outpatient Center of Savannah.

It was a beautiful evening that began with passed hors d’ oeuvres and champagne and we later sat down to enjoy a 5-course truffle inspired dinner that included wine pairings. I was really excited that I had the opportunity to sit at the table with Alexa Hartenstein’s Mom, Katie McHugh Wilkin and her husband Danny Wilkin and their beautiful new born baby. Alexa suffered from a rare grade 4 brain tumor called Supratentorial Primative Neuroectodermal Tumor, or sPNET and was diagnosed in 2011. By 2014, the cancer had spread to her cerebral spinal fluid and down her spine. By early 2015 Alexa had passed away.


This dinner was not only a tribute to her, it was also a tribute to everyone who was involved in caring for Alexa during that time. It was such a pleasure to sit next to Katie and Alexa’s doctor, Dr. J. Martin Johnston and it was also very heartwarming to hear Alexa’s dad, Andrew Hartenstein, who also helped to organize the dinner, speak to how brave and happy she was during such a difficult time.

Photo Aug 23, 8 31 38 PM

Katie had a awesome tattoo on her arm of Alexa’s name written in Alexa’s handwriting. Katie told us that Alexa was with her when she got it done.

Read more about Alexa here and follow the Facebook page Team Alexa – Fighting Back.

Me, Alexa's mother Katie and Kiwi

Me, Alexa’s mother Katie and Kiwi


Kiwi and I took A sneak peak into the kitchen where the Chefs and students were preparing the first course of Roasted Chicken Consomme with Chicken and Summer Truffle Quenelles dusted in gold leaf.

Photo Aug 23, 6 36 55 PM

The presentation of the dishes was beautiful. I always say you eat with your eyes first.

Photo Aug 23, 5 45 38 AM

Consomme is clear soup that is made with stock and in this case roasted chicken stock. Having this soup brought back so many memories for me because this was the very first dish I prepared in culinary school. This is a soup that does require a bit of skill and technique because the idea is that the soup is clear, meaning free from any fat. If you’ve ever had a soup that would have that layer of oil or “fat” on the top, this soup aims to be prepared without that layer. This consomme was perfectly clear and had an amazing flavor from the roast chicken that was also a bit subtle. I also loved that they poured the soup right at the table. I’m such a sucker for details.

I did not taste much of the truffle flavor in the quenelle, but it still had the flavor of the roasted chicken. A quenelle is meat or fish that has been pounded and shaped into a ball. I was in awe by the dusting of the gold that was on one of them. I’ve never eaten anything with gold dusted on it, so that was a great experience.


Tangerine Glace Sea Bass with Roasted Tomato and Jicama Slaw with Pecan Truffle Chips

*Photo cred Kiwi The Beauty

The second course was the Tangerine Glace Sea Bass with Roasted Tomato and Jicama Slaw with Pecan Truffle Chips. My all time favorite fish is sea bass, so I was more than excited about this course. The fish was lightly seasoned, delicate, tender and had just a hint of the tangerine flavor. The tomato and jicama slaw was good and I enjoyed that the jicama had been cooked a bit, but it still had a crunch that I liked.


Foie Gras and Cornbread Stuffed Georgia Quail

The third course was Foie Gras and Cornbread Stuffed Georgia Quail with a Roasted Summer Corn and Black Truffle Flan with a Muscadine Gastrique. Foi gras is duck liver and it was mixed with a homemade cornbread and was stuffed inside of a quail. I would describe the taste of the quail as a bit “gamey” but has the slight flavor and texture of cornish hens. The skin on the quail was beautiful and crispy and the flavors all together was reminiscent of Thanksgiving. The roasted corn flan was served cold and was not one of my favorites of the evening. I didn’t care for the texture much, but I liked the creativity.

*Photo cred Kiwi the Beauty

Pan Seared Wagyu Beef Filet

*Photo cred Kiwi The Beauty

Fourth course was a Pan Seared Wagyu Beef Filet with White Truffle Beet Puree and Broccoflower Confit. Wagyu is one of the best kinds of beef that you can get. It was prepared pretty rare, which I was ok with and it didn’t seem to have much seasoning, like salt and pepper. But overall it was good. I have become a huge fan of beets and the puree did not disappoint. I really enjoyed it.

*Photo cred Kiwi the Beauty

*Black Truffle Semifreddo

*Photo cred Kiwi The Beauty

The black truffle semifreddo was interesting to say the least lol. I’ve tried some interesting desserts including one made with Vidalia onions (yeah I know lol), but I have to say a mushroom dessert is not at the top of my list of ones that I’ve liked. The truffle flavor was pretty overpowering, but I did enjoy the creaminess of it. There were others at the table that enjoyed it, but I think I’ll pass on a mushroom flavored dessert lol. The dark chocolate truffle was awesome and they were kind enough to bring me an extra one. The homemade biscotti was also really good as I enjoyed that with a cup of coffee to finish off the meal.

Photo Aug 23, 8 59 00 PM

More desserts!


Chef’s, Alexa’s nurse and doctor and Alexa’s mom Katie and step dad Danny

*Photo cred Kiwi The Beauty


Food is art and the Chefs and student Chefs definitely presented masterpieces that evening.

Thank you so much to Jekyll Island, GA, Golden Isles of Georgia American Culinary Federation and Chef Andrew Hartenstein for putting together such an amazing evening and I am very humbled and blessed to have been a part of it 🙂

Read more about my trip to Jekyll Island and my stay at the Jekyll Island Club Resort here.

Until next time…Happy Eating!! xoxo -Milla

Jekyll Island Club Resort

Golden Isles of Georgia American Culinary Federation

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Outpatient Center of Savannah

Jekyll Island, GA


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