About HE/Milla


About Milla

Growing up in South Florida, food was a major part of my life. Some of the most common cuisines I grew up eating were Bahamian, Jamaican, Cuban and Haitian. I started working in the hospitality industry at 19 where I continued to build a love of food having worked for hotels, restaurants and cruise lines.

I moved to Atlanta in 2006 to further my career in hotels and worked as a manager where I was able to travel and of course enjoy the food in cities that I’d never been to before. After attending culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in 2009, I started a blog with hopes of sharing my recipes, but I unfortunately got sidetracked as I dealt with a number of blows to my career and personal life.

As I dealt with the ups and downs of life, the one thing that always made me happy was being in the kitchen. I find such comfort and  joy when I am able to create something tasty and then to share it with friends and family. In 2013, after posting picture after picture on Instagram of the food I was making, I picked up my blog again, changed the name and Happily Eating was reborn.

Over the past few years, it has become very important for me to eat well, travel often and be happy. Happily Eating gives me the opportunity to share my growth and experiences with my readers with hopes of inspiring them to do the same.


Lets work together!

  • Sponsored Posts/Product Reviews
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Recipe Development
  • Brand Ambassador/Partnership
  • Guest Posting & Contributing Content
  • Social Media Mentions

Will Travel For Food

Looking for a unique story highlighting your city/country, hotel or resort? I can create content to share with my readers about your destination and the food that makes it unique.

  • Content campaigns
  • Video content
  • Press trips


Some examples of brands I’ve worked with:

My work has been featured on


Until next time…Happy Eating!! xoxo -Milla

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